Regni (latin for -kingdom-) is a series of artifacts inspired by the animal kingdom, taking qualities of animals as abstractions related to specific kitchen tasks. The journey started by empathizing with the kitchen environment, innovating with food and finding opportunities in the environment. A mix of stylized earth and sea creatures complement each other, offering a clean and simple aesthetic that has a subtle playfulness to it. Created in 18 gauge and 1/8” thick steel sheet, all pieces were originally designed, plasma cut, bent and polished. Regni was featured on the Core77 website. 

The armadillo trivet is inspired by this mammal’s ability to resist high temperatures. When it comes to hot pots and pans, a sturdy surface to protect furniture pieces is of primary importance. With geometric lines representing this creature’s armor, this trivet provides a sturdy surface for hot pots and pans to rest, and the cutouts provide additional ventilation.

Patience and perseverance are adjectives commonly attributed to turtles. Baking and cooking certainly require these qualities, and this cooling rack is a way to remind users about it. Using a geometrical representation of a turtle shell, this efficiently works as a cooling rack for baked goods and roasted meats. The legs and head raise the surface, allowing additional air flow.

This spoon rest is formed by the lines of a stylized octopus. It provides a flat surface for the spoon head and an inclined surface for the handle to be comfortably aligned. The design uses the animal’s tentacles as an analogy to the multitasking nature required for kitchen work. When it comes to handling several efforts at once, the spoon rest is the best ally.

Trade between western and eastern cultures brought new customs to both words. Inspired by the ancient tradition of cooking with spices, this dispenser utilizes the symbolic elephant as a representation of Asian culture. A simple wooden base provides two compartments for different spices and an opportunity to enhance cooking with a more tactile  experience.

This majestic sea creature provides a perfect analogy for the measuring spoon set. Just as whales elegantly move through the ocean, this artifact evokes the same peacefulness and reliability. The whale’s tail is used to measure liquids and solids, while the body of the spoon uses the animal’s curves to create a form that hands can comfortably grip to.

The alluring movements of stingrays as they sway through the bottom of the ocean are a perfect representation of the cooling air as it caresses the top of glasses and mugs. This coaster utilizes the broad body of the stingray as a surface for drinking vessels to rest, relying on the animal’s tail and fins for structure.