errant + cheval Luggage by Guillermo Fok
MOCO LOCO features errant + cheval. The popular blog chronicles the latest work of the best modern and contemporary designers.

regni by Guillermo Fok
Popular Design website Core 77 features regni by Guillermo Fok.

TED on TEDxFulbright 2015
TED recognizes the success of TEDxFulbright 2015 in Santa Monica CA.

TEDxFulbright 2015
A unique team of Fulbright scholars organizes the latest edition TEDxFulbright in Santa Monica CA.

errant + cheval available at RIT Scholar Works
Download a copy of ‘Design journey’ the research and development behind errant + cheval on RIT Scholar Works.

Milan Design Week 2015
The RIT Industrial Design Blog covers the experience of the RIT ID Chair Josh Owen, Guillermo Fok and Veronica Lin during Milan Design Week 2015.

The Interview Series: Guillermo Fok
The RIT Industrial Design Blog sits down with Guillermo Fok to discuss design inspiration and his work behind RIT’s exhibit space at the Game Developers Conference 2015 in San Francisco CA.

RIT University News covers the Game Developers Conference
RIT University News talks about MAGIC, the Game Developers Conference and an unprecedented investment for a booth space in the popular event.

GlassLab and RIT: Activating the Archive
Corning Museum of Glass awards Guillermo Fok 1st place for his Champagne Popsicle design

Activating the Vignelli Archive
The RIT Industrial Design Blog covers the Activating the Vignelli Archive project in conjunction with Corning Museum of Glass

Activating the Vignelli Archive
A closer look at Guillermo Fok’s Champagne Popsicle, 1st place winner of the GlassLab + RIT Activating the Archive competition

Industrial Design Blog: TEDxFulbright 2014
The RIT Industrial Design Blog covers Guillermo Fok’s participation at TEDxFulbright 2014 in Washington DC.

Guillermo Fok on Autodesk Community
A collection of design concepts by Guillermo Fok on the Autodesk Community Group