errant + cheval

Inspired by slow travel and slow design principles, this graduate thesis study was firstly focused on understanding the history of travel and how the evolution of transportation and technological advances has impacted the way we enjoy the journey.Research was conducted on customs, fashion and travel items, as well as user surveys to understand the key needs and areas of opportunity in travel as a holistic experience from beginning to end.Surveys and market research were useful to define project scope and narrow down the user, environment and technology, focusing on luggage solutions for male users between 25 – 34 years old traveling by air.

Luggage was selected as a direction for the project, emphasizing in user experience as part of the slow travel ideology. Inspired by the golden era of travel, steamer trunks and carpet bags, 3D exploration began by using scaled cardboard models, fabric and paper mock ups. Full size prototypes were then sewn and tested with different users and environments, adjusting sizes, features and materials along the way. Deeper research was focused on understanding soft goods construction, as well as properties and types of textiles and luggage materials.

An iterative process was necessary to refine the functionality, look and feel of the luggage solution; getting inspiration in both past and present products, as well as finding analogous designs that could be useful to the journey conversation. Several prototypes were sewn to test stitch strength, efficiency, proportions and overall aesthetics, before choosing a final design and interior layout.

Influenced by the slow movement and 19th century travel, this luggage set is designed for passengers seeking functionality and an enhanced journey experience.The bags expand and contract depending on the packed items, adapting to different environments just like slow travelers adjust to the distinct qualities of each destination.

errant + cheval provides easy access to contents, eliminating the need to constantly pack and unpack. The system uses materials and color to evoke the golden era of travel. The outer layer is constructed with waterproof wool felt and equestrian details are added using marine vinyl. The waterproof canvas interior provides additional strength.

errant can be unrolled on flat surfaces, hung onto closets or doors, eliminating the need to pack and unpack at each destination.The dimensions of the bag adjust depending on how much content is packed, preventing overall size to exceed the required 45 linear inches of carry on luggage. When not in use, errant lays flat allowing easy storage.

cheval holds items for easy access. Similar to errant, the bag rolls to expand and contract depending on the contents inside. The sliding handle adjusts to the varying size, and the swivel snaps on both ends can be used to attach it to errant or fasten a shoulder strap.