FLUMEN: a sustainable shower experience


Qualitative research was the base to develop a sustainable and enhanced shower experience. Following a user centered approach, an assessment was done to find the most common practices and areas of opportunities to develop a sustainable product.

By conducting both qualitative and marketing research, the selected potential market groups were single men and women as well as married couples with no children. Research provided guidance for both technology and aesthetics.


Flumen (“River” in Latin) is a geometric representation of nature, inspired by origami techniques that mimic organic shapes with sharp angles. The piece is an abstraction of water in motion, and the angles represent light reflecting as water flows.

Flumen seeks to find distinction in a sea of stainless steel and chrome shower panels by offering a bold, artistic look that stands out in the room instead of blending in.


LED lights for an enhanced experience: A microturbine powered by the water stream provides energy for the LED system, which surrounds the rain shower head to enhance the user experience in the shower.

Retractable hose for a cleaner look: A weight system inspired by retractable kitchen faucets was implemented to create a functional and clean look unlike the characteristic obtrusive hoses of most shower panels.

Water reusing system for sustainability: A thermostatic valve diverts cold water during “warm up” period to a reservoir that integrates it back into the system. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the stream is diverted back into the shower head, alerting the user along with the LED display.