Designing a variety of seating options and developing a new idea based on research and personal exploration was the main focus of this exercise. During the 2D exploration the focus was to apply physical attributes that characterized comfort, luxury and a juxtaposition of hard and soft materials (metal and fabric).In the process of refining the concept, the idea evolved, the purpose became to understand what comfort and luxury meant and try to develop an idea that was simple and embodied elegance in a simple way.

Various 3D iterations were aimed at exploring the qualities of different materials and their interaction within space. It became important to understand proportions, colors and textures to convey a sense of elegance and uniqueness. The first mock up uses different proportions and arrangements of wood blocks to create an interesting composition that serves as a base for a stool.

The smallest stool is a combination of wood blocks. All their flaws were kept to emphasize the beauty of raw materials.

The scepter that accompanies the medium stool aims to make the user feel special while seating in a reused material product.

The highest of the stools is a mix of proportions and rectangles using red palm, wench and purple heart.